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Билеты на концерт The Mother Hips в Москве

На данный момент нет актуальных концертов The Mother Hips в Москве. Оставьте ваши контакты, и мы свяжемся с вами как только появится обновленная афиша The Mother Hips.

Информация об исполнителе

Mother Hips, The

Полная информация о The Mother Hips: описание, рейтинг, альбомы и биография The Mother Hips.


John Hofer

Tim Bluhm

Mike Wofchuck

Greg Loiacono

Paul Hoaglin

Isaac Parsons

Дискография Mother Hips, The Полная дискография Mother Hips, The

Альбомы Mother Hips, The


Год выпуска альбома: 2011

Название: Days of Sun and Grass

  1. Rock with the Rock (soundtrack)
  2. Fifteen (Live)
  3. Mary's Begging (home recording Excerpt)
  4. Picture of Him (home recording excerpt)
  5. "Precious Opal" Answering Machine (extended)
  6. Father Come Quickly (Live)
  7. Lonesome Satellite
  8. Sister Lee (Dai Dum) (home recording)
  9. Why Not Your Baby
  10. I'm Not Sayin' (instrumental)
  11. Rich Little Girl
  12. Tiera Deavers
  13. Venus of Mark
  14. Freedom (Home recording excerpt)
  15. Magazine (demo)
  16. Such a Thing (demo)
  17. Embrace Me Love Of Death (soundtrack)
  18. I'm Tired of Singing My Song In Las Vegas (live)
  19. The Doomsters
  20. Danielle's Hands (Acid Mix)
  21. Third Floor Story
  22. Whiskey on a Southbound (demo)
  23. Please Don't Worry
  24. Ten Tiny Fingers
  25. The Blimp of Freedom (instrumental)
  26. Somewhere in your Mind
  27. Suburbian Child
  28. The Reason Why
  29. Don't Go So Fast
  30. Engagement Ring (demo)
  31. Gold Plated (demo)
  32. Dark as a Dungeon (home recording)
  33. I Can't Stay
  34. The Message (live)
  35. Highway (Live)
  36. Lady Be Cool
  37. Stoned Up The Road (demo)
  38. Incredible Man
  39. Know By Now (home recording)
  40. My Life as the Opposite Gender (Home Recording)
  41. Mountain Time
  42. Sleepy Eyes
  43. Transit Wind ('Part-Timer Goes Full' outtake)
  44. Good Day Basketball
  45. Tired Wings (demo)
  46. Virginia Mountains
  47. Kansas City Southern
  48. Mother Hips (outtake)
  49. Probe Explodes
  50. Sasha's Song
  51. Smoke ('Shootout' outtake)
  52. Song in a Can

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Год выпуска альбома: 2007

Название: Kiss The Crystal Flake

  1. Time Sick Son Of A Grizzly Bear 03:01
  2. White Headphones 03:52
  3. No So Independent 04:38
  4. White Hills 02:30
  5. TGIM 03:35
  6. Confirmation of Love 03:00
  7. Let Somebody 04:45
  8. No-name Darrell 04:00
  9. Time We Had 03:06
  10. Wicked Tree 05:19
  11. Mission In Vain 05:58

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