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Билеты на концерт группы Skullflower

Skullflower w/ Phurpa w/ Black Sun Roof!

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Клуб Шаги

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Skullflower w/ Phurpa w/ Black Sun Roof!

11 февраля 2017 19:00

Клуб Шаги

Открытие нового сезона Arcto Promo: Skullflower / Phurpa / Black Sun Roof! Имена говорят сами за себя. Количество билетов строго ограничено.

«... as a child my three biggest aesthetic/spiritual influences had been: Greek myths and history; especially the Spartans (the boy who had his heart gnawed out by a fox without crying out), the war machinery, decoration, and insignia of the Third Reich, and via the history of the Conquistadores and Cortes, the martial culture of the Aztecs... I therefore took LSD in the summer of 87, not something I looked forward to as recreation, and lying crucifix wise, open to the noonday sun above me, on a west Cornish rock outcrop, surrounded by silver spray and waves, the warm rock against my spine, my eyes closed with the sun flooding my brain red, I squeezed my eyes tight (see Salvador Dali ‘Angels’) and the sun went black and exploded in my skull, tearing a fissure, a red purple cunt flower into my brain, whilst black and white lightnings shot up and down my spine. I physically felt this, and subsequently have understood it in terms that my pineal ‘EYE’ opened that day, never to ever totally close again. Thus was the Skullflower born, not just as a clever name, but as a real mystical experience».

Купить билеты на Skullflower в Москве можно в кассах Билеты на концерт группы Skullflower11 февраля 2017 (Клуб Шаги) без сервисного сбора в кассах без комиссии, также доступна возможность покупки электронных билетов на концерт группы Skullflower.
При доставке билетов или покупке в кассах партнеров может взиматься сервисный сбор 10%.

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