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На данный момент нет актуальных концертов Consolidated в Москве. Оставьте ваши контакты, и мы свяжемся с вами как только появится обновленная афиша Consolidated.

Информация об исполнителе


Полная информация о Consolidated: описание, рейтинг, альбомы и биография Consolidated.


Mark Pistel
Todd Bryerton
Kevin Carnes
Philip Steir
James Dickson
Michael Dunne
Adam Sherburne
Дискография Consolidated Полная дискография Consolidated

Альбомы Consolidated


Год выпуска альбома: 1992

Название: Play More Music


  1. Crackhouse 05:16
  2. This Isn't a Fuckin Press Conference 00:28
  3. Industry Corporate 03:00
  4. Hip O Crits 00:27
  5. More Music 00:04
  6. A Day on the Green 06:02
  7. Labor Vs. Leisure 00:41
  8. Gone Fishing 05:27
  9. The Men's Movement 06:25
  10. You Suck 04:11
  11. I Reckon You Should Shut the Fuck Up and Play Some Music 00:25
  12. He 05:08
  13. One More Song 00:26
  14. Wendy O Matik 01:28
  15. Animal Right / Abortion Rights 00:53
  16. Infomodities 92 05:58
  17. Hello Are You There 00:59
  18. Guerrillas in the Mist 04:24
  19. Why I'm in the Klan 00:40
  20. Veggie Beat Manifesto 02:45
  21. Accept Me for What I Am 05:09
  22. We Came Here for Music 00:11
  23. Praxis (Bold as Love) 04:33
  24. CNN 00:08
  25. Tool and Die 05:44
  26. Industrial Music is Facism 00:37

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Год выпуска альбома:

Название: Free Music or Stockpiled Death

  1. Hold My Vegan Shrimpball While I Try to Get in This Picture With Bono and Woody Harrelson ... 01:02
  2. Bootleg: Moment of Autonomy in the Public Sphere. 06:04
  3. Eisler Crushes That Shit ... 01:21
  4. Bootleg: 'Don't Worry, If There's Hell Below, We're All Gonnago' 02:47
  5. It's All Hype, Designed to Sell Records, But I Convinced Myself ... 01:37
  6. Poisoned Culture Cannot Stop the Infinite Vision of the Drum. 02:25
  7. Crisis of the Musician: 3a - Can We Face Our Fear of Creative Freedom? 01:59
  8. Crisis of the Musician: 2a - How Songwriting Destroyed My Humanity. 01:09
  9. Crisis of the Musician: 1a - I Need a Lot of Bad Attention. 00:38
  10. Eulogy Over the Grave of Music. 03:54
  11. Coffee's First Shop ... Pistel's '87 01:50
  12. Creative Life or Stockpiled Death? 00:08
  13. No War Is Just. It Is the Women and Children Who Do Most of the Suffering, Become Mostly the Victims ... 02:15
  14. Careful What You Wish For: Bush, Bin Laden, Catholic Priests, etc ... 02:13
  15. 'Bong'ra: Just Because It 'Is' Doesn't Mean It 'Should Be' ... 01:26
  16. Voices From the Rubble, Tell the Truth About the Culture Industry: 'Your Tired Shit Is Over' ... 01:11
  17. After Years of Maddening Debate and 'Process', the People Decided That Institutions, Private Property, and Stereo Speakers Must 03:40
  18. Kwatinetz and the New Mobyists Will Devour Each Other, Creating New Space for Peoples and Sounds ... 03:47
  19. Bluesa for Marcuse: Possibilities for Future Meaning. 04:03
  20. Please Stop Amerikkka. 03:05

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